Professional removalists with years of experience

We are specialists in antiques and fine art, taking the utmost care and precision when moving your invaluable art and antiques. All removalists will handle antiques at one stage or another; however this does not mean they are "specialists".

In 1992 we became established in the furniture trade as antique restorers/French polishers, working for Adelaide's leading antique companies such as du Plessis, Snoop Antiques, Theodore Bruce, Antiques Avignon, Sovereign Antiques and leading piano restorer Guus van den Braak. We have 20 years experience as one of Adelaide's leading antique restorers.

Because we have a passion for our work, it is heartbreaking to have witnessed many beautifully restored antiques being carelessly mishandled by so-called experts, resulting in damaging the art or antiques.

Antiques and art can be very complex, fragile or delicate in the way they are disassembled, assembled, packed and moved. For this reason we now also move fine art and antiques, as well as home and office furniture.